Our name F3 stands for Form Follows Function and Function Follows Form is our manifesto and our mission.

Our aim is to ensure the perfect functioning of the masticatory system, which can be recognised easily by everyone: By a harmonious, naturally beautiful smile that stays with you your whole life long.

Our complete treatment concept focuses on health, aesthetics and functionality.

We offer you

  • Orthodontic treatment for adults, young people and children
  • Invisible braces (lingual orthodontics)
  • Combined maxillo-facial and orthodontic treatment concepts and their alternatives to maxillo-facial correction of jaw misalignment
  • Competent interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Diagnostics and treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders
  • Interdisciplinary care of children and young people with rheumatic diseases


F3 Orthodontics

Dr. med. dent. Uta Gönner
Dr. med. dent. Volkan Gönner-Özkan

Westerbachstr. 23c
61476 Kronberg

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When we are open

Monday 09:00 – 12:30
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Saturday Private consultations once a month

We’ll remind you.

We all have thousands of things to remember. If requested, we will remind you in good time of your appointments by telephone call, text message or email. Then you have one thing less to remember.

First visit to us?
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It goes without saying we will need some information from you. To save you some time when you visit us, you can download your patient disclosure form here as a PDF and complete it in the comfort of your home.


From these 12 points you can see when you need help and when and how you can help yourself until our practice is open again.

Irritations of the buccal mucosa or tongue.

Whether with fixed or removable braces: temporary hypersensitivity of the teeth and soft tissue such as the tongue and cheeks can occur, especially after the fitting of orthodontic appliances. But after a short time of wearing, you will become used to these. A slight “cornification” of the tissue will occur. For painful irritations, please use a special wax and cover the source of irritation (bracket, band or accessory part). If you have run out of special wax, please ask at your pharmacy. Use a disinfecting mouthwash, such as Gum Paroex, Listerine. If your oral mucosa becomes inflamed (also for aphtha), you can also use Kamillosan ointment, Kamistad Gel or Dynexan oral gel. If symptoms persist, please see an orthodontist or dentist.

Hypersensitivity of teeth.

After fitting braces, temporary bite sensitivity can occur on your teeth. This will not normally last more than 5 days. During this time, it’s best to eat soft food such as rice, pasta, soups, etc. We normally use thermoelastic wires for patients with brackets. The elasticity and, therefore, the force exerted on the teeth changes with the temperature in the oral cavity. When eating cold foods (such as ice-cream) or drinking cold drinks, the wire becomes more flexible and the force of the wire on the teeth decreases temporarily. So if you need some relief occasionally, you can enjoy a tasty ice-cream at the same time. It goes without saying that painkillers, such as ibuprofen and paracetamol, can also be used on occasion. Please ensure the right dose for children. If the symptoms have not improved after approx. 7 days, there may be other reasons behind it (for example exposed tooth necks or caries). When eating cold or sweet foods, a pulling pain can occur locally on the teeth. If none of the above measures help to relieve it, please contact your dentist or the out-of-hours dental emergency service in your area.

Sharp, pricking wire ends.

In this case, the wire may have slipped, the wire end may have slipped from the rear bracket or a terminal bracket might have loosened. You can try to put the wire end back using tweezers. Thin wires can often be cut off using nail scissors or small wire cutters. Please disinfect these beforehand. Sharp wire ends can be temporarily covered with wax. If none of the above measures help, please contact your dentist, an orthodontist or the out-of-hours dental emergency service in your area.

A bracket has become loose.

Brackets can often become loose. This occurs most frequently after eating hard or sticky foods, chewing pens or clenching or grinding your teeth. This is annoying, but not normally dramatic as long as it is not the terminal bracket and the wire end is not sticking into your cheek. If a bracket has become loose and is still attached to the wire without causing irritation or pain, the bracket can simply be reattached at the next available appointment. Please bring brackets that have fallen off the wire with you to your next appointment.

A rubber chain has snapped.

If a rubber chain has snapped, please make an appointment with us as soon as possible to get it replaced. As a rule, the chain works to close gaps. If it snaps, a temporary opening of gaps can occur.

You have no rubber bands left.

Please contact us. We’ll be happy to send you your rubber bands or you can pick these up from us without an appointment during our consultation hours.

Lost or broken aligner.

As a general rule, there are two options: if you have received a set from us, consisting of two successive aligner pairs, then please go back to the previous aligner or try to use the next stronger aligner. If you only received one aligner pair and one or both aligners has broken into two pieces, then please use this in two pieces temporarily if possible. Please contact us and we will immediately make you new aligners and send these out to you by post. Please note that shortly after removal of the brackets, slight displacements of your teeth may occur if these are not secured.

A band has become loose.

If a single band, which is required for connecting an appliance (e.g. lip bumper or headgear), has become completely loose, then please remove it immediately! Do not try to press it back onto the tooth! The appliance will then be fitted at the next available appointment as soon as the band has been reattached with special cement. Please bring all the parts with you to your next appointment at the practice. If a band has become loose but is still attached to an appliance, then please press the band back onto the tooth. But most importantly, please make sure your oral hygiene is exemplary. Use medical mouthwashes with chlorhexidine, such as Gum Paroex, Listerine, etc. and avoid acidic and sweetened drinks and food. Please make an appointment with us immediately. If the appliance is bothering you and we cannot be contacted or you are away from the area, please contact an orthodontist, your dentist or the out-of-hours dental emergency service in your area.

You have lost an appliance.

Please make an appointment with us as soon as you can. Please let us know in advance which appliance is lost so that we can quickly make a replacement for you. We can also send out aligners to you by post.

A mini pin has become loose.

A mini pin may become loose in 5-10% of cases. If this is the case for you and it is not causing any problems, then please make the next available appointment with us. Use medical mouthwashes with chlorhexidine, such as Gum Paroex or Listerine. Use painkillers such as ibuprofen and paracetamol for temporary relief.

Please ensure the right dose for children. If you are suffering from considerable pain, please immediately contact your dentist or the out-of-hours dental emergency service in your area.

A mini pin is causing pain.

As a rule, a feeling of pressure can occur after fitting a mini pin. This feeling may last up to 2 days. Every patient reacts differently to the sensitivity caused by this. If necessary, please use painkillers such as ibuprofen and paracetamol for temporary relief. Please ensure the right dose for children. Do not exert any additional pressure on the pin, e.g. with your fingers or a pen. When you clean your teeth each day, please clean the areas around the head of the mini pin with the special brush as we have shown you, exerting as little pressure as possible. Please use a medical mouthwash without alcohol with 0.06% chlorhexidine daily. If the symptoms increase after two days or still exist after three days, please contact an orthodontist, your dentist or the out-of-hours dental emergency service in your area.

A retainer has become loose.

It’s best for you to use the retention aligner that we made for you just in case after fitting your retainer to prevent your front teeth from moving. If you do not have this aligner, then please make an appointment with us immediately. In the first instance, please see an orthodontist, your dentist or the out-of-hours dental emergency service in your area to have the adhesive surface reattached. Only try and remove the retainer from your teeth yourself as a last resort. Please make an appointment with us immediately to have a check-up and reattach or replace the retainer.

When specialists come together, you get more out of it.

Speech therapy
Speech therapy
Various malfunctions, such as speech impairments and swallowing difficulties or mouth breathing that can lead to tooth malocclusions and jaw misalignment are treated with speech therapy / myofunctional therapy.
With orthodontics, we can ensure in advance that your dentist can make you the best dental prosthesis (veneers, crowns, implants, bridges or tooth-supported prosthetics).
If patients are suffering from periodontal diseases, these must be treated before we can use orthodontics to align your teeth perfectly.
Maxillary surgery
Maxillary surgery
Complex misalignments must sometimes be resolved using maxillary surgery. It’s cause for a double celebration when you can both bite better and look better afterwards.
Snoring therapy
Snoring therapy
Sleep disturbances can make you seriously ill and put your relationship under pressure. There are lots of ways to ensure you become healthy again and can sleep through the night peacefully.


It goes without saying that we are good at what we do. But it’s also important that you feel well looked-after on our premises. The happier you or your child feels here, the more relaxed the treatment is. Have a little look around.