Andrea Noetzel

Dental hygienist


Our patients and their teeth – particularly their life-long preservation taking in the aspects of health, aesthetics and functionality – are the focus of our holistic treatment concept.

Perfect and straight teeth in harmony with the function of the masticatory system as a whole is just as important to us as protecting your teeth and gums from diseases.

Because caring for your teeth and mouth is still a challenge during orthodontic treatment despite all the efforts in developing ever-smaller orthodontic appliances, we recommend professional teeth cleaning to all our patients as part of our orthodontic prophylaxis service.

This is based on the principles of general dental prophylaxis and deals with preventive measures, which should prevent the development of diseases on teeth (caries) and periodontium (gingivitis, periodontitis).

Consistent dental prophylaxis together with good oral hygiene can lead to life-long retention of your own teeth. It has also been scientifically proven that healthy teeth can contribute to preserving your general health condition: Periodontal diseases can have an effect on the cardiovascular system, among other things.

The four classic pillars of effective prophylaxis are:

  • Oral hygiene
  • Complementary measures such as fluoride
  • Regular checks and professional teeth cleaning by the dentist
  • Tooth-friendly diet